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Buying a new boiler? Read our ultimate online guide

Here, we'll tell you if you actually need to buy a new boiler in the first place. If you do, we'll tell you which one to buy and how you can get the best deal. Then, once you've found the best deal, we'll teach you how to spread the cost.

Do you need a new boiler? – Repair Vs Replace

First up – do you actually need a whole new boiler? Can’t it just be repaired? For the love of God, can’t it just be repaired?!

In many cases, broken boilers will be able to be repaired by experienced heating engineers but repairing just because it can be, is not necessarily the wise choice.

Freezing outside? You could have a frozen condensate pipe which you might just be able to solve yourself.

On your umpteenth repair? Don’t throw good money after bad.

Below is a super simplified suggestion table of whether you should repair or replace with a new boiler, varying depending on affordability to yourself of course. Fear not though – struggling for the cash to repair or replace? – Read up on pay monthly boilers here.

  number of repairs
cost & age 1 2 3
£25 - £150 repair repair repair
1-3 yrs repair repair replace
3-7 yrs repair repair replace
7-10 yrs repair replace replace
10+ yrs repair replace replace
£150 - £250      
1-3 yrs repair repair replace
3-7 yrs repair repair replace
7-10 yrs repair replace replace
10+ yrs repair replace replace
£250 +      
1-3 yrs repair replace replace
3-7 yrs repair replace replace
7-10 yrs replace replace replace
10+ yrs replace replace replace

There will be instances when heating engineers simply advise that repairing your boiler is not a viable option and a replacement boiler is a necessity.

Why might your boiler have to be replaced?

1. Your boiler has been condemned and your gas supply shut off (capped) as it has been deemed unsafe.

2. Spare parts for your boiler are too hard or now impossible to come by due to the age of your discontinued boiler.

3. The cost and effort of repair outweigh the value of the boiler, making a replacement the logical option.

4. You have a back-boiler – these can no longer be repaired and have to be replaced with regular or combi boilers under regulations. Read a touch more on back boilers here.

Given the choice, repairing or replacing really comes down to affordability and likelihood of the boiler breaking down again.

A boiler that is over 15 years old and needs repairing is likely to be extremely inefficient and costing you much more in energy bills than it should do.

In cases like this, you’re going to be better off financially in the long term after an upgrade to a modern boiler.

The illusion of affordability

…But surely a £600 repair is better than a £1,650 new boiler?


Any boiler requiring a repair that costly has already entered the limbo between life and death and has a similar efficiency level to a coalfired steam train manned by fugitives. So the new boiler wins here.

And moreover, boilers never breakdown at convenient times. The odds of you finding £600 down the back of your couch is slim to none but your new, shiny efficient boiler can be snapped up on monthly payments.

How to buy a new boiler 

Fortunately, arranging a boiler installation has never been easier.

Step 1. Get a fixed new boiler quote online for a boiler with installation. 

Of course, you can do this on this very website, right here 😉 

Gone are the days of rifling through every Tom, Dick and Harry with a van listing themselves in the yellow pages. The internet now rules out every Tom and most importantly, every Dick. Leaving you with the ever reliable, trustworthy and Gas Safe, Harry.

Step 1.5 (Do you really need a home survey?)

Nope. They're so often just excuses for trojan salesmen to slither into your home and shake you down for the most expensive new boiler installation in the world.

The 21st century is finally closing in fast on boiler installations. 

Instead – Get your fixed new boiler price online - through Heatable, you're here anyway aren't you?

Step 2. Installation

After finding a new boiler at a mind blowing fixed price, all that’s left to do is choose a suitable date for yourself to have the old boiler removed and your new boiler fitted.

How long does it take to install a new boiler?

It varies depending on your current heating system and what you’re upgrading to but you can get a very good idea by skimming over this article. Be careful, online boiler blogs are addictive and none more so than this very one.

Very vaguely though? Most new boiler installations are done in around 8 hours.

Which boiler should you choose and how

If things are all moving too fast for you and you haven’t even got to know a boiler before it moves in with you then fear not.

Because you don’t actually need to know anything about boilers to buy one – the very process of finding a new boiler online, will narrow it down to only boilers that are suitable for your home, boasting a Kilowatt outage so suitable, you'll want to take your new boiler to Bella Pasta and hope it drops a hint for a second date before you summon the courage.

It is said there was once a man who attempted to shake a stick at every boiler manufacturer. To this day, he is still shaking. He started over 30 seconds ago.

One thing that might throw you off during an online quote is answering questions about your boilers flue - but you can get clues on flues in seconds with our quick guide. What the hell is a flue anyway?

After that, it’s just a case of choosing a price point you’re happy with and getting a warranty length you’re comfortable with.

We're huge fans of the Viessmann Vitodens 050-W 29kW for quality, price and a whopping 10-year warranty.

If time eludes you, we - like everyone - have a top 3 favourite boiler list:

How much is a new boiler?

How long is a piece of string? 

About 27cm on average but Heatable's new boilers start from £1,590 with finance options available, including 0%

The long and short of it though, is that the average UK boiler installation cost is around £2,000. A figure we're happy to come in under ;)

Here's a snap-shot of what we charge for a typical, straight forward combi swap;

Boiler Models Price  
Ideal Logic  £1,590
Viessmann Vitodens 050-W  £1,790
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W  £2,247
Viessmann Vitodens 111-W  £3,180

Need a new boiler fast? Get a fixed online price with installation as quickly as tomorrow.

How to pay for a new boiler (monthly payments)

Our recent online guide, ‘Two Grand in Two Minutes – The Flaws in High Street Bank Security’ was labelled as “criminally provocative” and “wildly irresponsible” by the Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority so it has been reluctantly removed.

However, in instances where you may not have the cash upfront to have your new boiler fitted – you can still go ahead with no upfront payment at all. Read all about pay monthly boilers here.

Put simply – you pay nothing up front and start to pay for your new boiler approximately 30 days after the installation has taken place, in monthly increments that vary depending on deposit and chosen contract length.

If you're considering a new boiler on a pay monthly plan, consider ditching your (probably but definitely) useless boiler cover.

What to expect from your new boiler 

Rapid heat and hot water as a bare minimum but you should also start to see some pretty jazzy savings on your gas bills. Particularly if you added a smart thermostat onto your boiler installation.

In addition to red hot energy bill savings, you'll also be easing up on your carbon footprint through your new-found love of using less gas.

Combine this with the weight off your shoulders of actually having your boiler replaced after one too many cold showers and you will be living with the tranquillity and inner peace of a monk on opium.

Do also expect your central heating thermostat to get to know you more intimately than an unhinged prison cellmate, well into his third decade of incarceration.

Congratulations - you're now qualified to buy a new boiler.

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