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If you have a gas meter, your boiler is likely to run on mains gas. This is a large tank which stores water, typically found in airing cupboards. If you have 3 bathrooms or more, we'd recommend keeping your cylinder. Back boilers are located behind fireplaces, but they're not very common. This will help us to calculate how powerful your new boiler needs to be. If you have a home with multiple bathrooms/ water outlets, a combi boiler wouldn't be the ideal solution. Confused? Talk to us on 0330 113 1333 This will help us to determine how powerful your new boiler needs to be. The type of home which you live in could increase the complexity of the job. The number of bedrooms will help us to determine the size of your home. 'Out of the wall' is most common. Don't confuse your flue with your chimney! Select whether you own the home, or if you rent it out as a landlord. Select whether you'd prefer to pay out-right, or via monthly payments. We need this to calculate quotes from the top installers in your area.
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