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Create, build and perfect your companies online profile.

It’s important to get this nailed down, as we’ll be urging Heatable users to do their background checks before they enquire about any of your deals.

Not everyone buys on price alone, so the better your pitch is, the more chance you'll have of winning business.

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Put together multiple packages & deals, right from your dashboard.

Once we've verified your company, you'll have full access to the dashboard where you'll be able to create multiple deals and offers for combi swaps, heat-only replacements and conversions.

You'll be able to tweak and test your prices before they go live to get them super accurate.

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Customers compare, they'll call direct, and you'll convert. More.

We'll start offering up your deals to savvy, boiler buying customers online. If they like what they see, they'll be able to request more details from your firm, directly. No more call backs, no more chasing, just hot in-bound enquiries.

By letting the users call direct, we're increasing the lead quality and freeing up your team so that they can crack on with their day.

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No contract or tie-ins

No contract, or tie-ins

You won't be tied in to any contracts, or minimum spend. It's a simple, hassle free, pay-as-you-grow system.

Genuinely better leads

Genuinely better leads

With Heatable, you only pay for leads where customers have already seen your prices and directly requested your help.

Free directory listing

Free directory listing

All firms get the benefit of a full featured 'mini-site' on Heatable, for absolutely no cost. That's free exposure.

Real-time delivery

Real-time leads

Because you'll be getting calls direct, the leads will be from people at the best point in the buying cycle.

Free integrations

Free integrations

Use our free tools on your own website to provide your visitors with instant online quotes and estimates.

Complete control

Complete control

From your dashboard, you'll be able to pause your campaigns, tweak your prices and manage your leads.

Very fair pricing

Very fair pricing

For the quality of lead which you'll receive, our costs are very competitive. Speak to one of the team today for more details.

User ratings

Build your brand

After shortlisting your firm, users get the chance to rate their experience with you, and write reviews.

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Frequently thought questions

Here’s some useful answers, to some common concerns.

Well, we don't. You do.

Once your company has been verified you'll have full access to the dashboard where you'll be able to create up-to 3 separate deals for the three different types of installation (combi swaps, heat only and conversion).

You'll set a base price for a package and specify what's included (such as warranty, boiler make/ model etc). To improve the overall accuracy you can tweak the prices based on certain variables including the boiler size, flue type, property type and more.

Based on what the user inputs, Heatable's engine will calculate the size of boiler which is required.

In order to start offering your prices on Heatable, you'll need to pass our verification process and carry certain qualifications depending on which area you're working in. As a bare minimum, you'll need to be Gas Safe Registered.

The more accreditations or certifications which you carry will help you to win more business, so make sure you let us know exactly what you've got.

No, the only thing you'll need to agree to is our service standards agreement and terms. There are absolutely no tie-ins, minimum spends, and you don't even need to pay for anything up-front.

This depends on the type of buyer which you're dealing with, so we've built Heatable in a way which helps to level the playing field for all different types of installers. You can create different packages (so, let's say, a budget, standard or premium offering) to help increase your chances.

What's more, they'll also be able to digest your companies reviews, ratings, accreditations and profile before making any decisions.

Once a user has requested assistance from a firm, they're given the chance to rate and review their experience on three different levels. If a firm continues to get negative feedback on their pricing accuracy, we'll investigate the issue internally, and remove the firm if it persists.

Plus, once you've setup your prices on Heatable, you'll be able to embed a small piece of code in to your own website which will allow you to offer your deals to customers who visit you directly. This is a free service.

Put simply, there isn't anything. Which is great for you, but not so much for us - let's just call this an additional Heatable perk.

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