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Charge ahead with battery storage

Get an online price to have battery storage added to your existing solar system, or as a standalone for cheap off-peak charging. From £2,995.

Heatable Battery Storage Installations
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Crush your bills, with a home battery.

Battery storage

Take charge
of your energy

Store your unsused solar energy

Charge up at night on low-rate tariffs

See savings in real-time

Protect yourself from grid blackouts

Charge battery at night

Charge your battery with electricity when it's cheap at night, and use it throughout the day.

Off-peak energy costs ~30% less

See your savings online

Get battery storage in as little as 2 weeks

See our battery prices

How battery storage can work for you

You'll generate in the day.

Like normal, your solar system will continue to generate energy throughout the daylight and you'll use what's required.

You'll store the excess.

The energy which you don't use will feed in to your home battery (rather than selling it back to the grid for a tuppence)

You'll use the battery at night.

Rather than buying from the grid when the sun goes down, your home will run on your battery storage system.

Benefits of a battery

Battery Backup System For Powercuts

Block-out black-outs, with a home battery.

In the event of a powercut, your battery system will kick in, keeping the lights on, and making you the envy of all your neighbours.

Save your energy.

If you've got solar, battery storage allows you to store your unused energy ready for when the sun goes down.

Sell your energy.

Rather than using it, you can choose to sell your unused energy back to the grid when they'll pay top whack.

Cut your bills.

When paired with a solar PV system, battery storage can reduce your bills by as much as 90%.

Modular home battery storage

With our modular battery storage solutions, your system's capacity can grow over time, depending on your needs.

Monitor the health and performance of your battery in real-time, in-app, 24/7.

Alpha Battery Monitoring System

Buy a home battery, better.

Online prices
Fitted in 2 weeks
0% APR available

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Get a battery plus bells & whistles

Get solar panels, plus a lot more, for a lot less.


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MCS Battery Storage Installations

We're MCS certified installers of bill-busting battery storage

HIES Protection Battery Storage

You'll be fully protected with a 2 year workmanship warranty

Shop our batteries

Tesla Powerwall 2 battery
Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Powerwall 2

Premium battery storage from a premium brand

10 year Tesla-backed battery warranty

13.5kWh of storage capacity per unit (ability to connect up-to 10 units together)

Can be mounted on the floor, or wall, indoors, or outdoors

Answer some questions, and you'll get a fixed online price to have a Tesla Powerwall installed in your home
Alpha ESS Smile5 battery
Alpha ESS Smile5

Alpha ESS Smile5

Affordable and scalable battery storage

5 year product warranty, plus 10 years of battery performance warranty

Available in multi-capacity from 2.9kWh, up-to 13.3kWh

Modular design allows your battery system to scale with your needs

Answer some questions, and you'll get a fixed online price to have an Alpha ESS battery installed in your home

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