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Need a new combi boiler? With Vaillant, you could be on to a winner

Vaillant combi boilers boast long warranties, have received tons of industry awards and are steadily growing in popularity. Still pondering? Read on.

Household appliances aren’t always household names and it’s fair to say this is no less true for boilers – how many boiler manufacturers can you name?

There are exceptions though, with Vaillant almost certainly being one of them. Vaillant have been at the forefront of the heating industry for 140 years. That’s about half a century before we had sliced bread.

Read on below to find out why we think you can’t go wrong with a Vaillant Boiler.

Vaillant – a sleeping giant

When discussing top quality boiler manufacturers, it wouldn’t be right not to mention Worcester-Bosch boilers, renowned for their quality and most definitely the market leader tasking Vaillant with the challenge of catching them.

However, Worcester boilers can be expensive and sometimes perhaps more than necessary. As with many other industries, you can often just be paying for a brand name when that quality can be found elsewhere and usually at a more competitive price.Take Aldi’s version of crunchy nut cornflakes for example – superior to Kellogg’s in the eyes of many.

Based on Heatable’s statistics, Worcester-Bosch and Vaillant, make up for 71% of our new combi boiler enquiries, 41% & 30% respectively. But those numbers for Vaillant are creeping up month by month as their Which? Best Buy boilers, excellent warranties and competitive prices force customers to think twice. Put the Kellogg’s down.

Boiler Manufacturer Combi Boiler Enquiries Average Price
Worcester 41% £2,200.00
Vaillant 30% £2,020.00
Ideal 8% £1,900.00
Zanussi 7% £2,300.00
Others 14% £1,800.00

Statistics based on Heatable's own data from January 2018. A Vaillant boiler could be around £200 cheaper than a Worcester-Bosch boiler

Compare instant online quotes for a new Vaillant combi boiler.


Potentially the most important aspect when buying a new combi boiler – the warranty. Any boiler manufacturer with a confidence in their product will offer a solid minimum warranty.

Anything less than 2 years will have you sweating over calling out a 24/7 home rescue team after your 15-minute warranty was up or taking out a second mortgage for British Gas boiler repair.

The Vaillant ecoTEC plus offers a 5-year guarantee as standard, with installation from a Vaillant Approved Installer taking that to a 7 or 10-year warranty. You can find Vaillant approved installers here. A Vaillant Approved installer is an engineer or company so trusted by the manufacturer, that Vaillant will increase the standard warranty of the boiler because of their confidence in the quality of their installation.

What size boiler do I need and which Vaillant boiler model is best?

Boiler models will have variety of size (power output) options, measured in Kilowatts (kW). You can read a little more about boiler power in our boiler size article here but below the below table should act as a rough guide.

Property Type Bedrooms Bathrooms Radiators Average kW
Flat 1-2 10 10 or less 26
House 2-3 1 15 or less 26
House 3-4 1-2 15+ 28
House 4+ 2 20+ 34
House 4+ 2+ 20+ 42

Vaillant’s current combi boiler options are all excellent choices so we’ll keep it brief and recommend just two, a combi boiler for small to medium homes and one for suitable for all homes, including larger properties. 

You can compare quotes for a new Vaillant combi boiler here.

Vaillant ecoTEC Plus

With 4 power output options, ranging from 25kW to 38kW, an ErP rating of A and a basic 5-year warranty – this is Vaillant’s high performing all-rounder. Its smart technology can drop its power to a staggering 16% of it’s maximum output in order to save you money on fuel.

The ecoTEC Plus has also been awarded the Quiet Mark certification for its low noise pollution. Novelty as this may sound, you’ll be unquestionably grateful in winter if your boiler is situated in a bedroom.

Noisy boiler? Read up on common causes of boiler breakdown.

ecoTEC plus combi boiler (25,32,35kW) Statistics
SEDBUK SAP seasonal efficency 89.3%
Energy Related Product efficiency rating (cenrtal heating) A
Energy Related Product efficiency rating (hot water) A
Boiler dimensions (w x h x d mm) 440 x 720 x 338

Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combination Store

Their self-proclaimed solution for larger homes, the ecoTEC plus combination comes with a standard 38kW power output and a flow rate of up to 20 litres per minute. A high flow rate like this essentially means you get hot water almost instantly after demanding it from your tap or shower so you won’t have to suffer a barrage of ice cold water whilst waiting for your morning shower, contemplating if it’s all really worth it.

ecoTEC plus combi boiler (25,32,35kW) Statistics
SEDBUK SAP seasonal efficency 89.3%
Energy Related Product efficiency rating (cenrtal heating) A
Energy Related Product efficiency rating (hot water) A
Boiler dimensions (w x h x d mm) 720 x 440 x 600


Get more from your Vaillant boiler with the vSMART heating control

No modern combi boiler is complete anymore without smart heating controls and the entirety of the current Vaillant boiler range is compatible with their vSMART, app-based control system.

The vSMART will allow you to monitor and control your heating from anywhere via the app, available on both Android and Apple iOS. The control the smart thermostat allows you goes beyond novelty and used regularly will no doubt give you dramatic savings on your energy bills. It even has built in weather compensation technology to automatically adjust your heating based on the temperature outside – fancy.

If we can help at all with any of your heating queries, you can contact us at hello@heatable.co.uk or call us 0330 113 1333. If you’re looking for a new boiler, you can compare multiple options from installers in your using the quote form below.

The above article is an opinion-based advice post only. If you have any technical queries about your heating system, you should always consult a Gas Safe engineer

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