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A government grant for a brand new boiler, what are the odds? [Updated for 2018]

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Full, or part funding towards boiler replacements has been available for years, across a range of different schemes. Here's what's currently available, and what you'll need in order to qualify.

So do these grants exist? The simple answer is yes, but it's currently very unlikely you'll be able to access full funding due to recent cut-backs.

Why & how does the government offer free boiler replacements?

The 'ECO' scheme was implemented for two reasons. Firstly, to help the UK meet its challenging carbon footprint reduction targets - helping to save the planet and secondly, to help low income households and some of the countries more vulnerable people.

The how is just as simple. Certain accredited, Gas Safe boiler installers around the country can carry out like-for-like boiler replacements in qualifying homes, free of charge and then claim their costs back from the government.

How do I qualify?

Qualification for a grant is dependent upon multiple factors but you must always be in receipt of one or more of the below listed means-tested benefits. If you're in receipt of tax credits, then your household income will also come into consideration.

  • Child Tax Credits
  • Working Tax Credits
  • Pension Credit Guarantee (not to be confused with state pension)
  • Income-related ESA
  • Income-related JSA
  • Universal Credit

In addition to the above, your property size and age will be taken into account in order to estimate how inefficient the government scheme, would deem it - to save the planet, remember? The boiler itself will also have to be at least, five years old.

Unfortunately, this means that the properties qualifying for the most funding, tend to be older and larger properties (hence why a free boiler for the majority of homes in the country is so unlikely). Similarly, if you currently have an Oil or LPG boiler then you're more than likely to receive full funding for a replacement boiler. Perfect if you're out in the sticks.

Don't think you'll qualify? It's quick and easy to compare quotes for a new boiler on finance.

The LA Flex Scheme - 2018 

A 2018 update to the scheme means that from September this year, local councils will have much more influence over which of their constituents are able to qualify for a funded boiler. Sadly, they aren't able to just pick and choose based on requests though.

They'll have already agreed amongst themselves who they believe to be the most at risk or vulnerable group people in their community, for example; many towns and cities will be well aware that they have a high level of pensioners struggling to keep their home warm in winter - in this instance is most likely they would opt to help these people.

Councils of poorer areas may simple decide to push more help the way of people on low household incomes, regardless of any benefits they may or may not be in receipt of. The list goes on but the LA Flex scheme means that the local councils of the country can really look to provide help where they know for a fact that it is needed.

Don't worry - LA stands for Local Authority, not Los Angeles.

Partial funding

If you are in receipt of the correct benefits but you don't live in a house that's deemed particuarly inefficient, then you may only qualify for partial funding. This means that you will have to pay a contribution towards the cost of the boiler and it's installation.

The contributions vary depending on your current property and fuel type but below is a rough guide to common contribution amounts for homes with a mains gas supply. Bare in mind that the older the property, the more funding you're likely to receive, due to their perceived lack of efficiency. 

House Type Bedrooms Potential Contribution
Terraced 2-3 £800 - £1850
Bungalow 2-3 £800 - £1850
Semi-det 2-3 £500 - £1000
Semi-det 3+ £500 - £800
Detached 2-3 £400 - £600
Detached 4+ £200 - £400

Where to apply

Checking whether you could qualify free boiler is the easy part... head over to and apply online!



The above advice and table contents are to be used as a guide only and are not binding or claimed to be 100% accurate in any way. All contribution data is based on estimates from installer partners of LoveLeads Ltd

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