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Viessmann Vitodens 100: Price, specs and an incredibly short review

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The proud holder of a 'Which? Best Buy' award, friendly user controls and a product of German engineering. The Vitodens 100-W is humble and modest machine and the best boiler the UK isn't buying... yet.

Your friends won't be impressed that you've bought a Viessmann but you will.

The Which? Best Buy award is usually reserved for the Worcester-Bosch and Vaillant's of the world, much like the Ballon d'or is seemingly reserved for Messi and Ronaldo but an unlikely German has got a look in this time around. In the boiler world, at least.

Key Features

Viessmann are offering features that rival a good deal of combi boilers on the market right now. This list is almost as long as it's unreasonably lengthy name.

  • Class 'A' for energy efficiency
  • 5-year comprehensive warranty as standard
  • 89.5% efficiency
  • Weather compensation option for Boiler Plus compliance
  • Backlit LCD touchscreen monitor
  • Compatibility with the Viessmann Vitronic smart thermostat

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The Vitodens 100-W 30kW comes in a pretty compact size for a wall mounted combi boiler (see dimensions below). Its compact size will allow for fitting in most standard kitchen cupboards and not make it too much of an eye sore when fitted externally in a living space.

Dimension (mm)
Height 700
Width 400
Depth 350

Viessmann Vitodens 100-W PriceNot just small - it's quiet too! It's the preferred boiler of 78% of monastery confined monks

Its features are all well and good but is it well priced?

Unfortunately, it's hard to put a price on a boiler install because of how considerably it varies depending on the installer and how they price installation based on time used, their overheads etc but based on the average price of a boiler install in the UK - £2,070 - Viessmann come in a little under that, with an average price of £1,990.

Taking in to account the Vitodens excellent features, 5-year standard warranty (with extensions available from certain installers) and the fact it has claimed itself a Which? Best Buy award, we'd say that price point is more than fair.

Below is how Viessmann measure up for price against Which? Best Buy regulars.

Boiler manufacturer Average price Price against UK average
Worcester Bosch £2,189 + 5%
Vaillant £2,024 + 2%
Viessmann £1,990 - 4%

100-W. But what does the W stand for? We don't know. We're not sure anybody knows. Scholars maintain it was lost in translation hundreds of years ago.

So do you buy the Vitodens 100-W or not? It's the burning question on dozens of lips

The Vitodens 100 doesn't won't fight for your attention. He's no show off. He'll blend in to the background, quietly confident that if you get to know him, he'll prove himself - and he will.

It's true, it's not as popular as a Worcester or as good looking as an Ideal Vogue but the Vitodens is a solid companion, a boiler with a good heart. He's the type of boiler that'll pick you up from the airport at anti-social times, give change to the homeless and put misplaced bird's eggs back in their nest. The Vitodens is loyal and dead set on saving you money, like a Labrador doing your accounts.

So with stats to match the big boys and a price point to better them, our answer would be - why not?

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28.06.2018 - Statistics from Heatable's own boiler replacement quote data from January 2018 - June 2018. This article is meant as an advice only post with some (clearly) satirical content.

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