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Create up-to 3 different packages for each type of boiler installation and choose which postcodes you can cover - it's super easy to do

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By putting them in front of keen boiler buyers alongside a capped number of other installers who operate in your area.

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You get installs, we both get paid

If a customer requests a home survey, we'll double-qualify the enquiry, transfer it through and if the job gets to install, we'll invoice for our fee.

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Pay an up-front fee for customers who prefer to bequoted for their boiler in person, instead of online

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Purchase from a live marketplace and pay via card per transaction - no deposits required

No contracts or tie-ins

There's no minimum spends so you can top up your diary as and when you please

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If you can't contact the customer, simply return it via your dashboard

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Collect ReviewsReviews

Collect verified reviews from your customers and we'll give you the tools to show them off throughout our website, and yours.

Consumers are 4x more likely to make a purchase online if they're able to check out previous ratings — they're absolutely crucial.

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Free Quote WidgetFreebies

Once you've got your prices in our system, you'll be able to generate instant quotes for visitors on your own website, too. Paste one line of code where you want it to go, and the widget will appear. Here's anexample.

Some companies charge for this type of service, but not us. We're daft.

People used to buy from people. But now, people buy from computers. If you're not visible online, you're going to get left behind. I promise.

Sam PriceFounder

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