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Heatable goes to great lengths to protect the privacy of its users. This privacy policy outlines the collection and use of personal information by Heatable.

Heatable works with a number of ‘Heatable Pros’ (Gas Safe boiler installers). This policy does not reflect the privacy policies of these companies. For more information about their individual privacy policies, you’ll need to contact the Heatable Pros directly. Contact details for these companies can be found here.

Data Collection

As you browse Heatable, we collect various types of data to provide you with the best, and most secure user experience possible. We store this data securely in an offshore database. Regular maintenance is performed on our computer systems to ensure a high quality and secure data capture.

Accessing/ removal of your data

You can request access, or the removal of your personal data by calling Technical Support on 0330 113 1333. You will need to provide your IP Address for this action to be performed. You may be required to pay a small admin fee.

We collect the following, but not limited to:

When calling a 'Heatable Pro' about a quote which you may have seen;
- The telephone number which you dialled out from
- Form data, including your postcode (or start of), details about your property, it's current heating system and requirements
- We may also store the details of any quotes which you may have been presented with as part of your enquiry

When requesting a call back, all of the above, plus;
- Your full name
- Your email address
- Your contact telephone number

IP Address
We collect your IP address to uniquely identify you as a user, this is to help us match quote details to our ‘Heatable Pros’ on the point of contact. We also use your IP Address to restrict access to Heatable if there’s a breach to our Terms and Conditions.

Call Recordings
The telephone numbers which you see on Heatable are dynamically generated and route through our servers. Outbound calls to 'Heatable Pros' are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

We collect the location of where you are geographically, and where you are on our website. Location tracking is also used to heighten security whilst browsing.

We use cookies on Heatable for tracking and marketing purposes these cookies include;

- Google Analytical Cookies: You can read more about the cookies Google generates by clicking here.
- Call Monitoring Cookie ([adiVi]): We use a third-party page-to-call monitoring system which tells us where on the website you are calling from.
- Intercom: Live chat software, you can learn more about Intercom on their website.
- Facebook: Re-marketing
- Google AdWords: Re-marketing

Sessions Cookie
A single session cookie is generated by default to detect whether you are logged in or not and log you out when you’re inactive.

Heatable relies on cookies to function properly and securely, if you do not have cookies enabled on your browser you will not be able to generate quotes.

It is your responsibility as a regular user of Heatable to check for any changes on this document and by using Heatable you automatically agree to the exchange and collection of your data.


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