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Heatable (“we”, “us”) is owned and operated by LoveLeads Ltd. LoveLeads is a registered company (08804726), registered at Glebe Business Park, Lunts Heath Road, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 5SQ.

“You” and “your” refers to any person using to generate and compare quotes and/or contact an installer partner.

Services & Pricing

Heatable provides you with estimate quotes for boiler replacements from third party boiler installation companies.

These quotes are generated based on prices the installers have provided us with. The questions you answer on our quoting form then correspond with these prices to provide an estimate quote. All prices displayed are not final or binding and are still subject to a survey carried out by the chosen installer. Any price negotiations or agreements will take place between you and the installer only.

To the extent permitted by law, we exclude all conditions, warranties, representations or other terms which may apply to Heatable or any content on it, whether express or implied.

Heatable is completely free to its users and there are no obligations, commission or service charges on the prices that you see.

LoveLeads Ltd t/a Heatable are not FCA registered/authorised and all finance payments are for illustration purposes only and are not legally binding. The quotations are as accurate as possible based on the prices provided to us by the installers and the limited information you provide us with.

Telephone numbers listed on are all standard rate lines and there are no additional call charges added by us. You will be connected directly to your chosen installer via the telephone number that installer provided us with.

Once you’re in contact with the installer, Heatable accepts no responsibility for anything said by yourself or the installer and/or any verbal or written contracts you enter in to.

Heatable Pros

In order for an installer to offer their services on, they will undergo a telephone interview process where we will gather their Gas Safe Registration number as a minimum, and any other accreditations which they may have. We also conduct a background check on any publicly available reviews to ensure that they are a reputable company. If we feel an installer does not meet our standards, they will not be verified and allowed to promote themselves on Heatable.

Before entering in to an agreement with any of the installers which you may find on Heatable, you must complete your own background checks and research.


By entering into an agreement with an installer, you are accepting of their terms and conditions and are responsible of making yourself aware of them. Heatable takes absolutely no responsibility for any agreements made with installers or any loss, damage or personal injury caused by or involving them or the work they carry out.

All our installers are checked against the Gas Safe register ( upon joining Heatable. It is the responsibility of the installer to inform us of any changes to or loss of their accreditations and we do have liability for any repercussions of such changes.

Call Recordings

We will record all phone calls between yourself and the installer when a telephone number listed on the Heatable ‘results’ page is dialled out to. These recordings will only ever be used for inhouse training, quality monitoring or for the investigation of complaints made by users or installers.


We aim to deliver a great user experience, but, if you wish to make a complaint about Heatable, or a Heatable Pro, please email Include as much information as possible to enable us to resolve the issue. We will investigate all complaints. If we receive sustained complaints about a partner, they will be investigated which may result in them being removed from Heatable.

Intellectual Property

Copyright of the material, information and data displayed on Heatable is owned by LoveLeads (t/a Heatable). This copyright cannot be used without prior written consent from LoveLeads.

Third Party Websites

We do not take any responsibility for the content of any websites you may find links to on Heatable. In addition, these sites may have their own terms and conditions/customer policies and you should make yourself aware of these if available.

Use of Heatable

By using, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. We reserve the right to update and amend these terms at any time and as a user we encourage you to check for updates.

Quotes provided by Heatable Pros on Heatable are as accurate as possible based on the limited information you provide. The estimate price assumes that all details provided are correct, the boiler will remain in the same place, and there is no additional work required. These quotes are not binding in any way, for a precise quote you will need to discuss your requirements with the Heatable Pro directly, who may need to survey your home physically. Any extras, including but not limited to; smart thermostats, system flushes and filters, shown to be included in boiler packages listed on Heatable are the based on what the installers have entered, Heatable does not accept any responsibility for the inclusion of these. Furthermore, the display images of these may not be accurate. Any package on Heatable showing in image of an iPhone or any other type of mobile telephone is for illustration purposes only. No mobile phones of any kind are included in any packages shown on Heatable. All estimates provided by Pros via Heatable are no obligation.

You must not operate a link to Heatable which may damage Heatable’s reputation, or suggest any association or approval from us. We can require you to remove such links at any time with immediate effect.

We have the right to use any reviews submitted to Heatable to help other users choose between Heatable Pros.

When dialling out to an installer number listed on Heatable, you accept that the telephone number dialled out from will be shared with the installer(s). We do not take responsibility for the safety or use of this or any further personal information you choose to share with an installer.

If you choose to contact or request contact with one of our Heatable installers via our website, please understand that you are using their valuable time and money. If you’re enquiry is not genuine, we do not accept responsibility if that installer decides to report you to an outside authority.

Heatable will sometimes request your email address (optional). By entering this you accept that we may send you information that we deem relevant at any time.


If you have any concerns or questions about anything mentioned above, please feel free to contact us at or call us on 0330 113 1333.

Web Widget

[we, us, Heatable] refers to LoveLeads Ltd t/a Heatable.

[you, your] refers to you as the installer/heatable partner with access to any of the tools and services we (LoveLeads Ltd t/a Heatable) offer.

[they, their] refers to the customer – a website user in which has made an enquiry via the quote widget.

[widget, quote widget, quote/quoting tool] refers to our free quote generation tool which we allow you to embed in your own website. This allows your website visitors to generate quotes using the prices and boiler package details you have previously entered into our system via your dashboard log in.

For use of our quote widget tool on your own platform, it’s imperative that you’re aware and accepting of the below information and that any data made available to you through use of the tool is treated in full compliance with GDPR as per the update of 25th

Collecting customer data

Through use of our quote widget, you have the option to collect the details of customers using the tool on your website before they’re able to view your quotes.

If you choose to exercise the optional feature of requesting this data, then you’re expressing to us that you’re fully complaint with all current UK Data Protection laws. If you do not believe you are in compliance with these laws or are not entirely certain, then under no circumstances should you collect customer details through use of our widget and we accept no responsibility for any repercussions you may incur from misuse or mishandling of this customer data.

Where customer data is sent and stored

When a customer enters their data into your widget, the information entered will be sent to you by email and will not be available in any other form. It is your responsibility to store and delete this information accordingly. Only the IT security staff at Heatable will have potential access to a copy of information as it will be safely archived on our email server for a short period of time before it is permanently deleted.

Our use of that data

Under no circumstances will we use customer data collected through a quote widget. It will not be used for us to retarget or market towards those customers in any form. We consider that customer enquiry to be yours and yours only, as is the responsibility of the handling of your copy of their contact information.

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