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Ideal boiler warranties: Top tips to stay totally protected

Ideal boiler warranties range from a minimum of 2-years (largely on their standard Ideal Logic boiler), way to up to an unprecedented 12-year warranty on any of their Max range - like the much sort after, ever-popular, world famous, 'Rear of the Year' winner - Ideal Vogue.

The Ideal boiler warranty - half a decade of cover as standard

Ideal boilers have everything from budget to premium covered – picture Weatherspoon's, if they did good food.

When buying a new boiler, you're bound to be faced with the temptation of buying an Ideal Logic. Afterall, the very name screams logic and common sense - not to mention they're a total bargain. Giving into that temptation would serve you well.

Standard Ideal boiler warranty length for the ever popular Logic range is 2-years - however Heatable have a special relationship with Ideal, like the UK and America pre-Donald Trump and offer the Ideal Logic with a 5-year warranty as standard.

Read a touch more on the fine art of the boiler warranty here, but if you do in fact have better things to do, here are two key takeaways: 

1. Shoot for 5-years. Anything less than this is becoming less and less common do to manufacturer confidence in their ever-improving new boiler ranges, but 5-years peace of mind is a good marker for any new boiler.

2. Paying for your new boiler in monthly instalments? Make sure your Ideal boiler warranty matches or exceeds your payment plan period.

Contents – What’s covered in the Ideal boiler warranty? 

Ideal will endeavour to resolve any issue with the boiler appliance itself that has originated from their system and any of its internal components.

No problems here then.

But, another two key points to keep in mind:

1. Have total confidence in your heating engineer or company. Confirm that they’re Gas Safe registered, have good reviews and ideally, Ideal approved.

If you're buying your new boiler through Heatable, you don't have to worry about this part - we've got you covered.

2. Servicing – Considered by most to be an unnecessary expenditure and chances are, a new boiler will go on working fine for years without service but its cover will not.

Ideal – and all manufacturers – will only uphold their new boiler warranty if your boiler has been serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer. No clowns.

Considering buying an Ideal boiler? Here's how much they cost

Ideal Model Price (Guide)  
Logic Combi 24kW £1,650
Logic Combi 30kW £1,845
Logic Combi 35kW £2,245
Vogue Gen2 26kW £2,350

Vogue Gen2 32kW £2,550
Vogue Max 26kW £2,550
Vogue Max 32kW £2,690
Vogue Max 40kW £2,960

Ideal boiler warranty registration – Validation procrastination will cause indignation.

An unregistered Ideal boiler warranty is like a turtle on its back. If your warranty goes unregistered after 30 days then Ideal will deem it redundant and no excuse in the world will change their mind.

Again though - buying through Heatable? We'll look after warranty registration for you ;)

Claiming against an unregistered boiler is like prising well kept secrets from the eyes of dead men.

The responsibility of registration ultimately lies with you, but any conscientious boiler installer will register the warranty on your behalf after installation - ourselves included.

Don’t be shy about reminding installers though. It’s you that suffers the agonising fate of an unregistered Ideal boiler warranty.

If it did slip your installers mind though, don’t fret.

Life after an Ideal boiler warranty - broken boilers

Your boiler has broken down and you failed to register your warranty. This is the harsh reality of life outside of the Matrix, and it's cold. My God it is cold.

Don't give up just yet though.

Your first port of call should be the engineer that installed your new boiler. They will often provide workmanship cover for a minimum of 12-months and with any luck, the problem with your boiler will fall under their remit.

Outside of this, it is worth remembering that almost all boilers can be fixed and if yours is just a few years old or less, then it may well be worth paying what could be a fairly insignificant amount to make your Ideal run like a brand new boiler all over again.

Skim over our comprehensive and God-like boiler warranty article for further advice on this.

Proof, if there ever was that things could be worse. This man clearly didn't buy his new boiler through Heatable and is suffering the consequences gracefully - or trying to anyway.

Don't worry though - if you have purchased through Heatable - we've definitely registered that warranty.

So relax and enjoy applying your Ideal boiler warranty knowledge out in the real world.

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