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Simple, savvy ways to save money on your energy bills

Sky-high heating bills? Save money every month by swapping your boiler, sealing all gaps around the house and taking a look at our other helpful tips.

Do you groan every time your energy bills come through the post? Well don't despair if yours are a bit high, because by making a few easy and hassle-free changes around your home, you could save a load of cash every year. From swapping your boiler to draughtproofing, take a look at these mint money saving ideas.

Disappointing Draughts

From your windows to your chimney, you may not realise just how many different places heat could be escaping from your home. Get draught-proofing strips for your window and door frames as well as your loft, and close gaps between your skirting boards with filler (just make sure it's silicone-based to allow for movement). You could also get a cap fitted over your chimney pot, and block up letterboxes and keyholes with specially designed covers.

Although these little changes may not seem like much, they'll ensure that any money you spend heating your home won't go straight out the window. Most of the materials you need can usually be picked up from your local DIY shop for next to nothing.

Buy a new boiler

Most boilers fitted over 10 years ago are much less efficient than boilers fitted today. All boilers fitted since 2007 are required by law to be over 89% efficient. That means that of all of the energy generated, over 89% actually heats your home. If your boiler is less efficient than this, you could be wasting energy and money every time you switch your boiler on.

According to Which?, getting rid of your ageing G-rated gas boiler in favour of a condensing one with a programmer and a higher efficiency rating could save you a hefty £652 a year.

Making the switch from conventional to combi could also save you a hefty amount each month. Where a conventional boiler will heat a large amount of water and keep it hot for when you need it, a combi boiler will only generate hot water as and when it's needed.


Smart thinking

Smart thermostats usually cost around £100, and may be even cheaper if they're fitted at the same time as your new boiler. Smart thermostats work on the principle that less energy is used by your boiler maintaining a temperature, rather than it repeatedly dropping and needing to be warmed right back up.

By lowering your smart thermostat by just 2ºC, you could save up to £150 per year.

Smart thermostats differ from their traditional counterparts as can be controlled remotely from your phone, meaning there's no need to come home to a cold house after a late meeting or nightmare traffic.

To lower your bills further, schedule your thermostat to lower the temperature when you're at work or asleep. There's no need to pay for heating when there's no one around to benefit from it.

Cold cavities

Over half of all heat lost from uninsulated properties leaves through the roof and walls. Getting cavity wall insulation could cut a handsome £160 off your energy bills every year1, which could save as much as £315 if you get your loft done as well.

If you do have insulation, keeping it topped up will maximise its effectiveness (and your savings). You'll have an extra £15 a year in your pocket if you increase its thickness to 270mm.

Switch up your supplier

Often one of the quickest ways to save money on your energy bills is to switch your energy supplier. Around 60% of households are on standard variable rate tariffs, which are the most expensive on the market.2

It's easy to compare rates online, and it's likely that there'll be one that's cheaper than yours. Once you begin the switch, it should take around three weeks for you to be transferred to your new, cheaper, deal.

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[1] Price based on a like for like combi swap in a 2 bed, 1 bathroom terraced home with a standard flue

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