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Tossing £20 a month out of the window for boiler cover?

So how can you easily and quicky save money? 

Here’s a quick one-two step on how to claw back £10,000 of your money by securing yourself a hefty boiler warranty instead of a monthly boiler cover payment plan. 

Spoiler altert; you're going to want to cancel your boiler cover.

1 - Cancel your boiler cover, immediately

Paying for boiler cover that you never use is ironically the best part of it – at the very least you’re still under the illusion that you have peace of mind.

Get a fixed monthly quote for a new boiler here, swapping that payment for your useless boiler cover!

It’s paying for the cover when you have to use it that will really make you sick. Chances are, you’ll be calling upon your cover provider during a cold snap when unfortunately, half of their other customers will too…  

It’s Christmas Eve and you can’t wait until March to get your boiler fixed? Well that’s not the boiler cover providers fault now, is it?

And what’s an already paying customer to a large corporation compared to potential new customers over winter? A low priority at best. A nuisance to be ignored until you’ve given up at worst. Boiler cover plans eh? What a delight.

Between October 2017 – October 2018, Heatable spoke to hundreds of customers who, despite paying monthly for gas boiler cover, simply gave up and paid for a new boiler privately or were disappointed to discover that the problem with their boiler wasn’t covered under the ‘cover’. Irony you can’t bring yourself to laugh…yet. 

Want to know what sort of monthly deals you can get on a new boiler? Get fixed quotes

2 - Buy a new boiler, with a 10 year warranty for the same monthly amount.  

Before you write this off as the ramblings of unbalanced lunatics, firstly consider the price.

The average UK cost for a new boiler installation is around £2,000 (from £1,695 through Heatable ;)). The average monthly cost (assuming no deposit) will come in at around £20 per month (you can see what pay monthly boiler deals are available in your area, here), the same as your boiler cover outgoing – you can see where this is going. 

To see which boilers are the best to buy, see our guide to the best combi boilers of 2019.


But, the maximum period that you would ever pay for a new boiler over would be 10 years – although you’re likely to opt for much less than that even.

How long does boiler cover last? If you're like the majority of customers with a boiler plan, then it will be your children going to great lengths to cancel your boiler cover plan long after you have left this world. Picture how long they're going to be hold for as you're turning in that grave.

Compare that to your lifetime binge on incompetent boiler cover and not only have you saved twelve grand but your new boiler will be covered under warranty -  likely for a decade - whilst you’re reaping the rewards of being an infamous “new customer” (you’ve waited a long time for this) as your every need is catered to at the expense of those poor souls paying for boiler cover.  

Spare a thought for those guys. You’ve been there.  

Find fixed quotes for pay monthly new boiler installations here. It's fast, easy and free.

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[1] Price based on a like for like combi swap in a 2 bed, 1 bathroom terraced home with a standard flue

[*] Installation dates are subject to installer availability

[ยน] only available on combi boiler installations

Financial Support: If you are in receipt of certain benefits, you may be entitled to claim a free boiler grant.