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Heatable lets you compare instant online prices from the UK's best boiler installers.

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Survey your home, yourself.

All you'll need to do is answer some quick-fire questions about your home and it's current heating system.

Then, based on your answers, Heatable can determine which type of boiler you'll need, how powerful it will need to be and calculate if it's going to need any other additional safety attachments.

By doing this yourself, you'll be cutting out the need to meet multiple salesmen, who'll all need to do the same thing.

Build Boiler Packages
Compare, sort and filter the deals which you're interested in.

On submit, Heatable's going to match you up to multiple installers who're able to help in your area, and present you with a range of different bespoke quotes which you'll then be able to filter by brand, warranty length, rating, price and more.

If you see different quotes from the same company, it's not a mistake. They're all given the opportunity to create multiple deals to help cater for all different types of buyers and budgets.

Remember: The cheapest quote isn't always the best!

Review Partners
Speak to the installers, secure the best deal and write reviews to help others.

Once you've found a great deal, you'll be able to contact the installer directly, without handing over any of your personal details. Confirm what's included, listen to their pitch and choose who you'd love to give your business to (if any!).

By using Heatable, the installers will know what competition they're dealing with, so they may even reduce their quote further in order to win your business.

Once you've made your decision, you'll be given the opportunity to review the installers who helped you, to help others.

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How Heatable Helps

No contract or tie-ins

Great deals, instantly

Find and compare the best deals for your new boiler installation from the comfort and safety of home.

Complete privacy

Complete privacy

You'll be able to contact installers directly, without handing over any of your personal details.

Cowboy protection

Cowboy protection

You'll only ever see prices from installers who've passed our strict checks and meet our service standards.

User ratings

User-rated installers

Make an informed decision before shortlisting installers by checking out previous ratings & reviews.

Very fair pricing

No obligation

Once you've received further details from the installers, it's entirely your choice if you wish to proceed, or not.

User ratings

Rapid turnarounds

Through Heatable, you'll be able to call installers directly, so there's no waiting around for call backs.

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All installers are checked and vetted

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Frequently thought questions

Here’s some useful answers, to some common concerns.

No, there is absolutely no obligation to proceed with any of the deals, or prices which you enquire about through Heatable. You stay in total control, and you wont be charged by us at any point for using our service.

Very accurate. The prices are set by the installers themselves, and they're able to tweak and test them so that each quote will be tailored to your exact needs.

The quotes which you see are not legally binding, and in some instances the final quote (after a home visit) may vary if additional work is required such as relocating your boilers location, additional pipework, or safety attachments etc.

Heatable makes money in the same way as all other price comparison websites. We charge the firms listed on Heatable a small fee every time we display their prices, and put them in contact with a user who has requested their help.

You don't get charged by Heatable at any point.

Before installers are able to offer their prices and services to users, they are checked in-house by our team. Each will need to carry at least one of the main accreditations for the industry in which they operate.

To make sure we're only connecting home owners with best, we constantly monitor feedback and remove any installers who fail to meet our service standards.

By using Heatable, the installer(s) who you select will know that you're also in contact with their competitors, so they'll be doing their best possible deals in order to get your business.

You'll also get the chance to review your experience with the firms who you had experience with, which will help contribute to the community and other users with their decision making process.

Plus, if a firm fails to adhere to our strict service standards, and we hear negative feedback on a regular basis, they will be removed from our network and receive no further business. It is their priority to ensure that your enquiry is handled in a professional, timely and friendly manner.

This will constantly vary from area to area. We always aim to deliver at least 5 results per search in order to get a true comparison, however, in some cases it may be a lot higher, or lower depending on installer availability.

If you're presented with an overwhelming amount of results, you'll be able to sort and filter them depending on variables including boiler make, model, warranty length, installer type etc.

Price is obviously a big factor when shopping around, but it isn't necessarily the best option in most cases. We'd encourage you to check out each firms profile, accreditations, digest reviews, ratings and more.

You'll also want to check out the difference in the deals. Some may come with a cheap boiler, or lower warranty which may not be suited to your needs.

No obligation · No cowboys · No hassle
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