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Baxi Duo Tec Combi Boiler Review (2021)

A brief, riveting and oddly in-depth testimonial to the Baxi Duo-tec combi boiler. It's popular - for good reason.

Baxi Duo-Tec Combi Boiler Brand History 

Founded in 1866 and with their manufacturing centre based in Preston, Lancashire, BAXI is a British made boiler brand with a solid offering of combi, regular and system boilers engineered to last the test of time. 

Today Baxi are still trying to improve the lives of many. Through instant hot water and lightning-fast heating. In recent years, their Baxi Duo-Tec boiler has been an incredibly popular choice across the nation, so how does it compare and perform against other leading brands?  

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Baxi Duo Tec 28 Key features:

Here are some of the Duo-tec features, as described by Baxi.

  • 7 Year Warranty*
  • Instant hot water
  • Easy to use controls
  • Meets the minimum energy efficiency rating required for Boiler Plus compliance
  • Energy Saving Trust endorsed

A fine set of perks, but let's delve a little deeper, beyond the lovable modesty of Baxi.

A 7-year warranty*. Firstly, we'll address that potentially worrying asterisk. Don't worry, Baxi haven't given you a comprehensive guide on how to treat your boiler like it's some sort of mains gas powered Gremlin. The asterisk is essentially just confirming that they won't honour the guarantee if your local car mechanic thought he'd 'just give it a go' when it came to the boiler installation and that you'll need to keep up with the annual servicing (a wise move anyway).

Stick to the simple rules, have it installed by a Gas Safe engineer and you're covered for a whopping seven years - there are manufacturers out there offering warranties closer to seven minutes, so don't take a 7-year one for granted.

Instant hot water. Baxi isn't happy with fast. Fast is pathetic. Baxi is giving you instant hot water because who on earth has the time to wait 4 seconds for hot water? You've got a life to live, mouths to feed.

Easy to use controls.  It is upsetting but there are manufacturers of boilers out there who have designed boiler controls that require you to think whilst engaging with them. Baxi won't stand for this nonsense. Baxi wants you to be able to pop your heating on whilst you're utterly inebriated or 6-years old.

Meets the minimum energy efficiency rating required for Boiler Plus compliance.  All modern boilers are now required to meet a minimum efficiency rating, so there is little difference between all modern combi boiler models. The Baxi Duo Tec range is no different. It’s 89% efficient which is superb, but it’s slightly lower than the Worcester Bosch range.

Energy Saving Trust endorsed. Who are the Energy Saving Trust you're asking? They are a charity that takes energy efficiency more serious than just about anyone, so being endorsed by them is pretty impressive. 

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Baxi Duo Tec Reviews

Here's an image from the Baxi website.

That's right, it says 99%. Meaning for every one hundred people they asked, only ONE, said he or she wouldn't recommend Baxi to their fellow consumers. That's a pretty impressive record for a boiler brand. The remaining 99% described their boiler experience as 'positively spiritual'.


Baxi aren't just making these figures up. When Baxi say they've got 489 reviews, you can read every single one of those 489 reviews. We took a look at a few of them to gain some insight. 

We'll take a closer look at just a couple of reviews below.

This is Greg. Greg spells his name in capital letters. Greg is a landlord. Greg gave Baxi 10/10.

You might think Greg mentioning his exploits in property lettings is utterly irrelevant but as a landlord, he's probably had more boiler replacements than the average Joe. Greg needs quality and value. Greg got a Baxi. It's safe to assume he bought himself one too.

Greg has made a typo on the word 'to'. Whilst trying to tell us that his Baxi Duo-tec 24 is easy to use, Greg - who has so much extra time because of the instant hot water he's getting from the Baxi Duo-tec - has had ample time to pop an extra character in what is usually, a two-letter word. For the sake of Greg, we must stress the 'h' is silent.

Negative reviews - 'Reviewer left no comment'. This is Greg, remember. Greg who shouts his name in capital letters, Greg the landlord - an occupation requiring almost mandatory complaining - couldn't even comprehend entering text into that negative review box.


Below is Linda. She also has a fondness of the caps lock, a developing theme that we'll perhaps delve in to in a future article. Linda has kept things even more simple but it in no way defers from the excellence of Baxi.

Positive points - Linda says it's easy to use, 7-year guarantee. Linda is so flabbergasted by the Baxi Duo-tec, so dumbfounded that she's quite simply copied and pasted Baxi's own listed product points into the review platform.

Negative points - Linda says there are 'no bad pints'. We couldn't agree more with Linda on this point and it is perhaps more philosophical that we can begin to fathom but we'd urge you to revert to the 'easy to use controls' point from the earlier Key Features section. We suspect Linda is loving the ease of use with which a Baxi can be controlled. 


A further insight into the good people of Baxi

Here's another snippet from the Baxi website. These welcoming contact details and useful FAQs aren't buried deep in the abyss of a one-thousand-page website. They're thrust - albeit delicately - into your searching gaze, the second you land on their website. Baxi knows that sometimes, things go wrong. Baxi doesn't run from this though, they embrace it, help their much-loved customers and gather the information and feedback to keep on churning out menacingly good boilers.


You can read more about Baxi's on their website. Or compare quotes for a new boiler below.

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