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Baxi 600 Combi Boiler: Review, price & best alternatives

Compact in size, packing performance. The Baxi 600 is a great combi boiler, but, it's no award winner. Here we'll run through our thoughts, it's features and some potentially better options.

Baxi is an old school British based boiler manufacturer with a reputation for offering excellent customer service and having a well-established nationwide network of Baxi gas installers and training centres.

What's more, they ranked #6 in our top boiler manufacturers. So you know they're good.


The Baxi 600 model was engineered around feedback provided by installers and is designed to fit in to tight spaces (just like the Worcester Bosch CDi Compact).

Here is an overview of the most compelling reasons to choose the Baxi 600: 

  • 🇬🇧 Made in the UK 
  • 🛡️ 7 year no-quibble warranty
  • 📐 Compact design - Fits into a 290mm deep cupboard
  • 🛠️ Pipes behind facility within boiler casing

Reminder: The Baxi 600 hasn't won any Which? Best Buy awards, Worcester Bosch has.

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Baxi 600 Gas Combi Boiler Review 

BAXI 600 Combi ReviewThe Baxi 600 gas combi boiler is a relatively new boiler and with a compact design is ideal for those who live in flats and small homes. Plus, when combined with the uSense smart controls, it’s you can control it from your fingertips using your smart phone, how snazzy is that.

The equivalent Worcester Bosch model would be the Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact

Baxi 600 Combi Dimensions/Size 

Before you choose a new boiler for your home, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the dimensions of the boiler, in order to know if it’s going to fit into the intended space, this is especially important if you have limited space. 


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The Baxi 600 is a compact boiler and so is specifically designed to fit into smaller spaces such as kitchen cupboards, so it is ideal for those with limited installation space. 

The Baxi 600 combi boiler dimensions are:

Height (mm) Width (mm)  Depth (mm)
700 390 285

Baxi 600 Combi Boiler Range 

The Baxi 600 is available in the following sizes (power outputs):

Power (kW) Flow Rate   
24 10.2L/min Ideal for small, one bathroom homes
30 12.2L/min Ideal for average size, one bathroom homes
36 15L/min Ideal for larger homes with up-to 2 bathrooms

The Baxi 600 24 combi boiler has a heat output of 24.2kW and a maximum flow rate of 10.2 l/min.

For comparison, the Baxi 600 30 has a heat output of 30.0kW and a maximum flow rate of 12.2 l/min.

While the Baxi 600 36 has a heat output of 36kW and a maximum flow rate of 15 l/min.

Want to know which boiler power is right for your home? Check out our "what size boiler do I need" guide.

Which Baxi 600 boiler is right for your home? 

BAXI 600 Size

To figure out which Baxi 600 model is most appropriate for your property, you can use our free tool. It’ll help calculate and provide an accurate answer and give you a fixed price. 

The exact size Baxi 600 boiler you need is determined by a compilation of factors, but is largely based on the number of water outlets you have in your home, so if you have several bathrooms, you’ll need a larger model, like the 36kW.

Interested in paying for your boiler in monthly instalments? Check out our boilers on finance guide, for more info. 

Interested in a Baxi? Read our Baxi Duo Tec 28 review. 

Baxi 600 Warranty Period 

Baxi 600 7 year warrantyThe warranty period is an essential consideration when purchasing any new boiler, whatever the brand, since it is the period you are offered protection in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong. 

Therefore, the longer the warranty period the better, a lengthy warranty period is also often considered a sign of quality. 

Baxi offers a no-quibble 7-year warranty on their Baxi 600 model, which is pretty much standard in the industry. Yet, a brand like Worcester Bosch offer a 10-year guarantee (when you purchase via Heatable), which is an additional 3 years cover and also a guarantee, superior to a warranty

...a guarantee is an agreement from the manufacturer that they will attend your property and repair or replace the boiler. A warranty is an agreement to investigate the problem (and not necessarily fix it for free

Baxi 600 Combi Boiler Prices 

To bag yourself a Baxi 600 combi boiler, expect to pay between £700 and £1000 (but that is for the boiler only). 


Want an exact price on a new boiler? Use our boiler quote calculator (no personal details needed).

Then, you'll need to tot up all of the other factors, such as VAT, the flue, controls, labour, chemical or powerflushing, and any other extras. 

Baxi are not a 'premium' boiler manufacturer. They're very much in the budget bracket.

If you purchase a Worcester Bosch boiler through Heatable, our fixed price offer includes both the boiler and complete boiler installation.

Prices for the Worcester Bosch Greenstar Compact range begin at £2,095 and are available with 0% APR (over 2 years). Get your fixed price here.

Baxi 600 Efficiency 

The Baxi 600 combi boiler is a high efficiency boiler which is A-rated, offering 93% efficiency, this means that 93% of the fuel used is converted to heat. 

Boilers over 10 years old are typically G-rated, meaning they provided only 70% efficiency with 30% of the energy burned being wasted, for example, via the exhaust fumes. 

Energy Saving

According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save as much as £340 a year by replacing an old G rated boiler with a modern high efficiency A rated model. That's almost the 1/3rd of the cost of an iPhone.

Want to have your boiler moved to a different location? Check out our "cost of moving boiler" guide.

Some of the 600's good bits

EasyFill Feature 

In the event that your boiler's pressure drops, it is usually possible to increase the pressure via the pressure gauge, however for many homeowners, their design makes them difficult to use. 

boiler pressure gauge Baxi responded to that feedback by introducing the EasyFill feature. This is a spring-loaded single lever, which is extremely user-friendly, you simply press down on the green lever and wait until the needle reaches the green area within the pressure gauge. 

uSense Smart Room Thermostat

The Baxi 600 can partner with its very own uSense smart room thermostat.

Easily controlled via an accompanying smart phone app, the thermostat has a range of innovative features including temperature modulation and temperature scheduling. 

BAXI 600 USense Controls

From the uSense thermostat you can also activate antifrost protection during cold weather to protect your boiler from frost and prevent it from freezing during the winter months. 

The energy consumption feature also allows you to see how much energy your system is using, allowing you to better understand where efficiencies or use could be improved. 

For a full-blown review of all things smart, check out our review on the best smart thermostats.

Baxi 600 Compact Range vs the Worcester Bosch CDi Compact

The Baxi 600 combi boiler and the Worcester Bosch CDi Compact boiler are both very similar in that they are both extremely efficient, available in a variety of sizes and are compact boilers, designed to be housed in small spaces e.g. kitchen cupboards. 

However, for several reasons we recommend the Worcester Bosch CDi Compact over the Baxi 600, these include the following: 

Which Best Buy Award winner for 10 consecutive years  

Which Best Buy

Which? Is a reputable consumer advice organisation that carries out thorough testing and impartial reviews. 

So it’s a pretty big deal that Worcester Bosch has won the award 10 years in a row, receiving several high 5-star ratings the consumer choice organisation considers most important to consumers, including full marks for their build quality and availability of parts and spares.

Unfortunately, to date, Baxi boilers have an overall Which? score of 54%

A 10-Year Guarantee not just a “warranty” 

Worcester Bosch Guarantee

Most major boiler manufacturers offer a warranty, but Worcester Bosch offers a guarantee instead. 

Sounds like a blag, what's the difference? 


Want an exact price on a new boiler? Use our boiler quote calculator (your fixed price will appear on screen).

A guarantee is an agreement from the manufacturer that they will attend your property and repair or replace the boiler within a reasonable amount of time.  

Most other boiler manufacturers just offer a warranty as standard, this is an agreement to investigate the problem, but is not an unconditional agreement to fix or repair it for free.

See how the brand faired against Worcester boilers in our Baxi vs Worcester comparison. 

Availability of parts 

Worcester Bosch has earned themselves an industry-wide reputation for having parts that are very easy to source in the UK, which is extremely handy if you want your boiler fixing quickly. 

Baxi 600 Combi Boiler Conclusion 

If you are on the hunt for one of the best compact boilers, ideal for a small space, that’s energy efficient, then we recommend the Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi Compact. 

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If so, get your new boiler installed with Heatable, here’s why: 

  • Gas Safe installation within 24 hours
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  • Price match guarantee – if you find a cheaper quote, we will match (must be like for like)
  • Multiple payment options - interest free available
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Fixed price guarantee – no hidden costs
  • Save your quote until later

Use this clickable form to get a fixed price on the screen instantly.


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