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Smart Central Heating Thermostats; Make the clever choice

central heating thermostats, useful or novelty?

If you can afford one. Buy one. A good one.

That’s the short answer. So here’s some equally brief reasoning to back it up...

Generally speaking there are two misconceptions towards central heating smart thermostats:

Misconception 1:

Controlling your heating through your phone is a novelty that will wear off faster than public interest in Brexit.


Outrageously simple and proven to save you money on your energy bills. There are worse novelties. A garden gnome for instance wouldn’t do that for you. He’d stand idly by, smirking as masked men with dark intentions storm your home during the night. 

But not a smart thermostat.

UK customers saved between 8.4% - 16.5% on their energy bills. That's an average of over 12%, which is like throwing £1.20 out of your window in addition to every tenner you're spending on bills.

The statistics speak for themselves. The control – and more specifically – ease of control that smart thermostats afford you is practically guaranteed to bring down your energy usage and spend.

A Nest can provide you with a water system more efficient than that of a resilient camel that’s endured multiple genocides and outlived his own children. It’s casing was sculpted by dying virgins drawing direct inspiration from Michael Angelo’s David and its mind a fusion of the late Professor Stephen Hawking and Wolfgang Mozart.

Misconception 2:

They’re for lazy millennials who can’t look up from their iPhone screen long enough to identify their own mugger from a police line-up.


Perhaps you’re not lazy at all. You’re also blessed with the physical dexterity to go back and forth between couch and boiler until you’re literally sick.

But let’s say every winter morning you get up and switch your boiler on. Thirty minutes later, the house is warm and everyone’s happy.

Simple... right?

Perhaps, but waking up every morning and blasting your boiler to it’s very limits to get it to your ideal 23-degree temperature is about as efficient as burning tractor tyres.

Nest  thermostat on the other hand will get to know you like a committed stalker. Learning your likes, your dislikes, when you leave for work and when you come home. He’ll even notice when you’re not there and make adjustments to his own schedule.

60% - the amount of influence that your thermostat has over your energy bill.

But this litter stalker has it’s perks. Rather than racing to warm up your house for 7.30am in a morning, it will know – from all the stalking, remember? – that you love getting up at half past seven and being warm.

Instead though it will begin to warm your home slowly like a hearty broth. Increasing the temperature over several hours to make sure it is just how you like it come 7.30am.

All the while, saving you ample amounts of energy to the tune of an amount that’ll comfortably pay for Netflix every month.

That’s no novelty. 

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