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How your new boiler can you take you abroad, every year, for free

Dragging out your old and in-efficient boiler, and replacing it with a super-efficient modern equivalent could save you up-to £300 per year on your energy bills. Go grab that sombrero.

Like most homeowners, your relationship with your old boiler is likely one of ups and downs with rather few ups, and the tensions between you a constant niggling background thought, nestled deep in closet of your mind.

You’re amicable enough. You say hello in passing, you adjust the temperature dials on the front semi regularly and you may even pay a not so insignificant monthly figure for his upkeep. But he’s living in your home rent free. He’s noisy, increasingly difficult to engage with and he’s actively costing you money by not heating your home efficiently, the one thing he promised he would always do. You’re hurtling towards the end of your tether and your rage knows no bounds.

The boiler has to go.

Switching to a new A-rated combi boiler, can save a UK household up to £300 per year on average

At this point, we’ll assume you've already found a new A-rated, high efficiency combi boiler at the only place you can compare hundreds of boilers from Gas Safe installers all over the country at heatable.co.uk (after all, this article is just a shameless plug for a website you’re already on).

The why

So why is your boiler taking you abroad and where is it taking you exactly? And is it taking you there under duress?

Your new combi boiler simply wants to save you potentially hundreds of pounds every year, affording you the luxury of recreational travel.

Switching to a new A-rated combi boiler, can save a UK household up to £300 per year on average- that’s someway to a decent trip oversees, or several if you’re wiling to play Ryanair Roulette. A quick glance at Skyscanner reveals it will even stretch to New York City - your old boiler always told you he’d take you there and never did come good on the promise.

You could be throwing away 30p for every £1 spent fuelling your boiler

The how

Information like this can often seem unfounded so here’s a very brief and simple explanation of what we mean by A-rated and how a combi boiler of that calibre has the potential to save you money.


Boilers aren’t free from judgement and the stress of exams, they’re rated and branded and carry that rating around with them for their whole lives. In fact, it actually gets worse as they age.

A-rated means the boiler is at least 90% efficient but as of April 2018, even that isn’t good enough. The governments new Boiler Plus scheme dictates all new installations need to be a boiler which is a minimum of 92% efficient - which is even better for saving you money.

If you for example had a particularly old boiler which was running at 70% efficiency then that would mean for every £1 you spend fuelling that boiler, 30 pence of it is literally going to waste. Like Red Bull cans on our web developers desk, this soon adds up. So switching to a new combi boiler at 92%, would mean wastage of just 8 pence per pound as opposed to 30 pence, which is certainly significant.

It’s worth noting your monthly and annual savings don’t have to be mindlessly spent on globetrotting. You could invest it, save it, pay off some debt with it, donate it to charity, crowdfund a record attempt for the worlds biggest pasty or any number of other more sensible options, but the key point is that your new boiler doesn’t concern himself with your spending habits. He’s tucked away in your cupboard saving you money, quietly, with no judgement.

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[1] Price based on a like for like combi swap in a 2 bed, 1 bathroom terraced home with a standard flue

[*] Installation dates are subject to installer availability

[¹] only available on combi boiler installations